About Flexleasingcar

FlexleasingCar is a strong partner for Danish and foreign customers. We take care of all the communication and advise our customer what is best when it comes to importing or exporting cars.

Since 2010, FlexleasingCar has been mediating and advising customers in Denmark to find their dream car and to provide the best conditions for customers. Our many years of experience in this area aswell as our very dedicated and professional staff, make us able to find the absolutely perfect car for our customers.

We have also, through our experience, built a large network of German and Danish car dealers, which gives us a unique advantage. 

FlexleaingCar handles flex leasing for individuals and businesses as well as split leasing. We also handle the import of cars and the determination of Danish tax and the export of Danish cars.


  • Phone:

    +45 7199 9393

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  • Address:

    Flexleasingcar GmbH Dülmener Straße 92, c/o FP Freckmann & Partner GbR
    48653 Coesfeld

HRB 249669 - Dülmener Straße 92, c/o FP Freckmann & Partner GbR, 48653 Coesfeld - Privatlivspolitk